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Dog Boarding

“Smart Canines has now started its dog boarding facilities. When you are away at work or on vacation, leave your furry babies with us and rest assured. Out guest doggies would be staying with our resident dogs in a stress-free homely environment and would be taken care of as our own. Currently we are offering […]


Individual Puppy/Adult Dog Training

If equipped with the proper methods, training your dog is not difficult. There’s no “one way” of teaching a dog to listen to you, however, you need to select the methods which are best suited to your dog, which are stress-free and which won’t harm the dog either mentally or physically. Smart Canines mentors and […]


Puppy Group Training and Socialization Sessions (pet parents and puppies)

Have a new puppy and know people around who are interested in getting their pups socialized and trained at the same time? Get together and have fun in my puppy group classes. a) Socialization period is an important phase in your dog’s life. It lasts till about 16 weeks of age and rapidly declines thereafter. […]


Owner’s orientation program (group and individual sessions)

If you are looking forward to learn about dogs, their evolution, domestication, natural behavior, breeds and how they learn , look no further. The best of dog-parenting can be imparted only with the sound knowledge about the species. At Smart Canines we organize group and individual owner orientation programs which will help you understand your […]


Problem Behavior Counseling and Modification

If you have your dog jumping at people at the door, pulling at the leash during walks, growling over food or any problem which needs immediate attention and appropriate correction, Smart Canines is here to help you in tackling them. It’s a fallacy to think that a particular behavior issue will lessen with time. The […]


Pre-Puppy Counseling

Adopting a puppy into one’s household is more often than not a challenging task, especially for first-time parents. It involves numerous decision-making surrounding choice of breed, dog-proofing the house, preparing other members of the house (who are not actively involved in getting the pup), preparing the kids, drawing a budget and sometimes decisions regarding re-arranging […]