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Puppy Group Training and Socialization Sessions (pet parents and puppies)


Have a new puppy and know people around who are interested in getting their pups socialized and trained at the same time? Get together and have fun in my puppy group classes.

a) Socialization period is an important phase in your dog’s life. It lasts till about 16 weeks of age and rapidly declines thereafter. My puppy socialization program aims at giving puppies ample opportunity to experience novel things and situations and interact with other puppies and people. A well socialized dog is much less likely to have behavior problems like fear, lack of confidence, and even aggression in their future lives. This program will equip the pup-parents to better understand and handle their pups as well as teach them some basic obedience as well.

b) Puppies learn some basic obedience like:

  1. SIT on cue
  2. DOWN on cue
  3. STAY on cue
  4. COME when called

c) Duration of Program: Till 20 weeks of puppy’s age

d) Requirements:

  1. Minimum 2 pups and maximum 5 pups per class
  2. Maximum of two persons per puppy
  3. Indoor and outdoor (fenced) area for the sessions – (Could be a fenced yard or a terrace)
  4. Puppies should not be older than 16 weeks at the time of joining

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