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Owner’s orientation program (group and individual sessions)

Isaac Cline, 6, pets therapy dog Ziggy-Bob at Mile High Oncology, where Isaac's mother is a patient. Therapy dogs and their owners spend about two hours twice a month visiting patients at Littleton Adventist Hospital.

If you are looking forward to learn about dogs, their evolution, domestication, natural behavior, breeds and how they learn , look no further. The best of dog-parenting can be imparted only with the sound knowledge about the species. At Smart Canines we organize group and individual owner orientation programs which will help you understand your canine counterpart like never before and take a deep peek into the mind of your dog.

  1. You needn’t be a dog parent to participate in the program. All dog enthusiasts are welcome!
  2. If you know more people who are around you with similar interests, sign up for group classes. Smart Canines will reach you at your place and organize the sessions for you.
  3. The program is only for people (no dogs)
  4. Duration of Program – 2 days
  5. Minimum of 3 people required for a group session
  6. An advance notification of 4 weeks is required to organize the program

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