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Individual Puppy/Adult Dog Training


If equipped with the proper methods, training your dog is not difficult. There’s no “one way” of teaching a dog to listen to you, however, you need to select the methods which are best suited to your dog, which are stress-free and which won’t harm the dog either mentally or physically. Smart Canines mentors and guides owners to train their dogs. Hence owner participation is a must in my training classes. I encourage everyone in the family, even children (under proper supervision), to participate in the training sessions.

It’s never too late to start training an adult dog. If you’ve missed upon starting it earlier, NOW is the best time for a fresh beginning.

Duration of Program: 12 to 16 weeks with 2 sessions per week

There are two levels to this training.

Level I includes (8 to 12 weeks):

  1. Name recognition
  2. SIT on cue
  3. DOWN on cue
  4. STAY on cue
  5. STOP on cue
  6. COME when called
  7. Play a game of RETRIEVE with you
  8. Loose Leash Walking
  9. Appropriate DOOR-GREETING

Level II includes the following:

  1. SIT/STAY/DOWN outdoors and at a distance
  2. SIT/STAY/DOWN at a distance
  3. RECALL outdoors
  4. Off leash walking
  6. Target training
  7. Concept of EARN to ENJOY
  8. And some happy and silly TRICKS (roll over, crawl, form an eight etc.)
  9. Accepting petting politely

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