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Pre-Puppy Counseling

Adopting a puppy into one’s household is more often than not a challenging task, especially for first-time parents. It involves numerous decision-making surrounding choice of breed, dog-proofing the house, preparing other members of the house (who are not actively involved in getting the pup), preparing the kids, drawing a budget and sometimes decisions regarding re-arranging one’s personal lifestyle or the house dynamics. Getting a puppy should never be an impulsive act – at least I do not recommend it so. Instead it should involve a series of informed decision-making which will make the entire episode smooth and stress-free for both the humans and well as the puppy. Smart Canines helps you with all these decisions so that the pressure on you is minimal and information on everything is readily available – thus setting the environment right. Smart Canines also help you while you get your second or third dog so that you can introduce and integrate the new puppy safely with the existing dog(s) and the household.

Duration of Program – 1 session

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